Integrated Interim Report 2019 – Germany needs a strong rail system

Development of business units

DB Netze Track business unit

General framework

BNetzA approves train-path prices for 2020

The competent ruling chamber approved the train-path prices for schedule year 2019/2020 on February 13, 2019. As set forth in the resolutions to the 2018 and 2019 train-path pricing systems (Trassenpreissystem; TPS), the proposed train-path prices in long-distance rail passenger transport were increased as part of the approval and lowered in the rail freight transport by about € 28 million, respectively. DB Netz AG has initiated proceedings against this decision. A first respective decision can be expected at the earliest at the end of 2019.

BNetzA approves an incentive system for the rail passenger transport

On May 29, 2019, BNetzA approved the incentive system applied for by DB Netz AG in the rail network usage terms for the rail passenger transport. The further development of the incentive system between TOCs for passenger transport services and DB Netz AG has been in effect since June 1, 2019. In contrast to the previous provisions, considerably higher payments apply, among other things, in the event of delays due to construction sites. As part of a market dialog, an agreement could be reached in passenger transport services regarding all key points of the incentive system as early as November 19, 2018. In freight transport, it is agreed that the incentive system is to be introduced during the 2020/2021 timetable change. DB Netz AG will submit an application accordingly.

Noise-based train-path pricing system supports conversion of freight cars

The noise-based train-path pricing system (lärmabhängiges Trassenpreissystem; LaTPS) currently provides for a surcharge of 5.5% on the regular train-path price for loud freight trains. The surcharge is to increase to 7% during the 2019/2020 timetable change. Freight trains consisting of 90% cars with quiet braking technology are exempt from the surcharge. The proceeds from the LaTPS are fully used to provide bonus payments to TOCs that use freight cars that were converted to quiet composite brake shoes. The LaTPS will be in place until the end of 2020. The program is revenue-neutral for its entire duration.