Integrated Interim Report 2019 – Germany needs a strong rail system

Development of business units

DB Arriva business unit

General framework

DB Arriva offers bus and/or rail traffic in 14 European countries. This represents a possible starting point for further growth. DB Arriva is monitoring developments in the European transport markets in order to participate in opening bus and rail markets or to prepare for changing market conditions early on. The developments in Europe in the first half of 2019 shown below were relevant for DB Arriva.

Liberalization of the transport market in France progressing further

DB Arriva continues to follow transport policy developments in France that is expected to create the framework in which any future operators will need to deliver their services. French regions are becoming increasingly more active to open their services to competition. On rail, the French Government and several regions have declared their intention to start tendering passenger railway services in 2020. The Paris region, Île-de-France, is also considering opening its bus market and several transport projects through market competition in line with EU legislation. DB Arriva is following these regional developments but expects to wait before making any definitive business decisions as the process evolves and more information about potential business opportunities unfold.

Low-emissions strategy in Denmark

The municipality of Copenhagen wants all buses to be zero-emissions by 2025. DB Arriva is working closely with its PTA to ensure a smooth transition from diesel to lowemissions vehicles. Other cities are expected to follow Copenhagen’s example.

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