Integrated Interim Report 2019 – Germany needs a strong rail system

Development of business units

DB Long-Distance business unit

Events in the first half of 2019

Vehicle availability limited

Vehicle availability was strained in the first half of 2019. Among other things, individual events (personal and wildlife accidents), difficult weather conditions and the comprehensive modernization of the existing fleet have led to a major shortage of capacity and deteriorating vehicle condition, which also had a negative impact on punctuality.

The Intercity (IC) 2 is a stable part of the fleet and was also put into operation on lines 61 (Karlsruhe—Stuttgart— Nuremberg — Leipzig) and 28 (Nuremberg—Munich) following the timetable change.

The refitting of the ICE T fleet wheel sets will be completed in 2019 and is a prerequisite for the resumption of the tilting body operation (tilting technology).

The performance of the ICE 4 doors and drives, which was critical in the past, was significantly improved by implementing a large number of technical measures compared to existing series. The acceptance of further multiple units was suspended until mid-July 2019 due to manufacturing defects affecting the car bodies delivered by the manufacturer of the multiple unit trains. This resulted in a vehicle shortage compared to what was planned, and had an immediate impact on operations. It was then possible to resume acceptance of the trains.

Vehicle projects in long-distance transport

  • The redesign of the ICE 3 was suspended in early 2019 due to quality defects and was resumed in June 2019. The quality deficiencies of the already completed multiple units should be remedied by October 2019 at the same time as this measure. Modernization will lead to a significant reduction of material and energy consumption and is much more economical compared to a new procurement.
  • The modernization of the ICE 1 fleet began during the first half of 2019. Among other things, the trains will be equipped with new seat covers, carpets, a modern passenger information system and improved drive technology.