Integrated Interim Report 2019 – Germany needs a strong rail system


Employment conditions have developed

  • The 2018/2019 collective bargaining concluded with the agreement with the German Train Drivers’ Union (Gewerkschaft Deutscher Lokomotivführer; GDL) at the beginning of January 2019. Among other things, this resulted in overall wage increases of 6.1% over a period of 29 months, improvements in working hours and higher allowances. The agreements arising from collective bargaining include a one-off payment of € 1,000, which was paid in February 2019, the extension of special legal protection for employees in contact with customers and improvements for junior staff.
  • DB Group has expressed its commitment to respectful and tolerant cooperation, including the signing of a declaration opposing discrimination against people living with HIV at work. Along with 50 other companies and organizations, we are one of the first signatories of the declaration initiated by Deutsche Aidshilfe.
  • Following the Group-wide employee survey in 2018, more than 6,000 team workshops were held during the first six months of 2019.
  • We have modernized our idea management with the help of a new Web-based IT system. This can be used to assess and implement improvement initiatives from the employees more quickly. For example, ideas can be added using any device, and the employee can check the current location and phase of their idea and when it will be implemented.